नाग और चीटियां ( Snakes and Ants ) Childrens Stories

नाग और चीटियां ( Snakes and Ants ) Children's Stories

Snakes and Ants, नाग और चीटियां ( Snakes and Ants ) Children's Stories

In the dense forest lived a giant snake. To feed the stomach, he feeds on small animals such as birds' eggs, frogs, and lizards. Overnight, he would look for his food and go to his bill and sleep as the day went on. Gradually he grew thicker. He was so fat, it was hard for Bill to get in and out.

Eventually, he left Bill and lived under a big tree, but the ants were bombering at the root of the tree and it was impossible for Nag to live with them. Therefore, he went to the ants of the snake Bambi and said, "I am the king of this forest, Nag, and order the ants to leave this place."

There were other animals, too, who were terrified of the terrible snake and began to run around to save their lives, but the ants did not pay attention to this threat of the snake.

She continued in her work as before. When Nag saw this, his anger was not limited.

He angrily approached Bambi. Seeing it, thousands of ants came out of the bomb, wrapped it in a snake, and started biting. The snake began to suffer from their stings. 

His pain was unbearable and the body began to have injuries. Despite serious efforts to remove the Nag ants, they were unsuccessful. In a short time, he gave up his life's desire.

Education - Working with knowledge can also destroy a powerful enemy.

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